Animals are very important to me. That's why I choose my dogs with the greatest care! They undergo every required health tests necessary. They also do conformation competitions as well as lure racing competitions! The behavior and health of my dogs is what I am primary looking for. Thereafter, I pay meticulous attention to the conformation of the dogs to make sure that your animals will be well built in order to live fully and easily the beautiful life that you will offer them!

I did research for almost 4 years in the field as well as the Rhodesian Ridgeback breed before starting this project. I wanted to make sure to breed while maintaining the wellbeing of my animals. I had help from mentors, friends, the CCC and the many books I read. From there came the collaboration with my boyfriend who helps me greatly in this beautiful project that is ZENI.

We make sure that our dogs are as close as possible to their ancestors and their customs. We use as little medicine as possible, except when absolutely necessary and minimize the use of chemicals in our home. Our dogs are fed a diet appropriate to their species, which means a diet with raw meat. We can help you continue along this path throughout your pet's life if you are interested. We also do lure coursing with them, which helps them to keep their mind sharp as well as to feed the skills for which they were created.

I am very proud of my project and I am aware that it would not be as solid if it was not for the immense help that my mentor and great friend Patricia Roy gave me at Ridishia Ridgebacks. I will always be grateful for the support and trust that this great lady has brought me!

Why Zeni?
Zeni means doing good things, doing things genuinly, doing the right things, in Chichewa, one of the languages spoken in Zimbabwe (formerly Rhodesia) from where comes the Rhodesian Ridgeback. For me, Zeni means to continue to preserve the breed according to the given standard in order that the animal can continue to do the job why it was created. Keep the breed as a healthy canine in its body and mind! Ensure a fascinating connection between canine and human. While remaining humble despite the bad moments and/or the success that this field will bring me.

My goal in breeding ridgebacks is to create healthy and sound dogs that perform well in the ring as well as in the sports related to what they were created to do.  This means that they must be properly built.  I also want to raise my ridgebacks in the most natural way possible, this is an important aspect to me.  Quality is much more important to me than quantity not for the looks but for the quality of life that the dogs will have with you!

Do not hesitate to ask us questions, it will be our pleasure to share our passion with you!

Photo by Catherin Arsenault


Buying a puppy from Zeni

When you buy a puppy at Zeni you:

- Get a puppy registered at the Canadian Kennel Club

- Have a puppy whose parents have been health tested for hereditary diseases (OFA and Embark for the parents living with us)

- Know the pedigree of your puppy

- Get a puppy who has been socialised on the Puppy Culture program

- Know that your dog's parents have participated in Conformation shows and either Sprinter or Lure Coursing