Ridishia Wind inthe Willows (Willow)

Ridishia Wind inthe Willows

I chose Bob Dylan's song; Blowing in the wind because Bob Dylan always writes beautiful songs and I thought the title fit well with Willow's registered name!

Willow had to be removed from our breeding program because of minor health problems.

This beautiful girl from Ridishia Ridgebacks is the first Ridgeback to come into my life. A beautiful gift with her great temperament and good energy! As much as she can be excited she can aslo be quiet and loving!

Despite the fact that Willow will not be part of our breeding program, to me she will always be Zeni's Foundation! She introduced me to the breed, made me discover the stakes of the canine world, it is also her who made me see that in breeding, it is not always easy. Everything can go right but we can also meet obstacles. What is important to remember is to always do it for the well being of the animal!

Thank you my beautiful Willow for being part of my life and thank you to Ridishia Ridgebacks for giving me the chance to have this beautiful girl in my daily life !! <3





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