As far as I can remember, I've always been drawn to animals and nature. When I was a child, I would chase after butterflies, frogs ... and pets were attracted to me.

For a while, when I was a teenager, I neglected all of this. I was often sick with colds, flu, my nails were brittle and weak, I had split end in my hair & I was full of pimples. All of these things were just normal to me so I didn't care.

It took a few years to return to my interest in nature and animals. I started looking into having a dog, started to grow my own garden, on my balcony, I got interested in essential oils ...

I had my first dog in this moment of rediscovery. This is where I started to look for what food is suitable for a dog, what ingredients should be avoided in kibble and so on. During this research, I came across discussions of people who gave raw meat to their carnivorous animals. At first it seemed dangerous, I was very reluctant until the day when my vet asked me why I would not feed my dog ​​raw. That's where it all began!

I had seen extreme changes in my health by making several changes so if it worked for me, I could not see how it would not have helped my dog ​​who at the time often had diarrhea, gastroenteritis & skin problems.

I then began to do several research on the natural health of dogs and pets, I took several courses on canine nutrition, including Dogs Naturally Magazine Raw Nutrition Specialist Course which I got a certificate from, I read several books, I dealt with professionals for the health of my dogs and that is how I started to see big changes in their health. Their fur was smoother, their ears less infected, their breath less smelly, their skin healthier, and so on. The more I learned, the more changes I saw on my dogs...

Today I can say that I believe that every living being on this planet needs nature before anything else. Of course, sometimes the powers of nature are not strong enough to heal specific problems so this is where science, doctors and veterinarians come in. Nature is there to keep us from getting these problems that would bring us to science. When necessary my dogs go to the veterinarian, this is not a question but most of the time, I try to heal with techniques learned from nature. Sometimes it doesn't work but at least 80% of the time, it's efficient and fast!

What are the so-called holistic protocols that I use at Zeni?
(These may still change. The more I learn, the more changes I make.)

1- My dogs only receive puppy vaccines (DHPP) when they are puppy and the rabies vaccine at 6 months. For the rest of their lives, they will have titer tests to check their immunity. Often this will be enough and no further vaccine will be needed.

2- My dogs do not receive any chemical anti-parasite treatment. They have blood tests done every year to make sure they are not affected. There are several natural products that are very effective against pests. If ever there was a big problem with parasites, it is obvious that I would come to veterinary medicine.

3- Before giving dewormers, fecal counts are done to avoid giving unnecessary dewormer. Again, there are a variety of natural products that are very effective for this. In no case would I leave an animal seriously affected, on natural products without intervening, I always use good judgment.

4- No other diet than the species-appropriate one is given at Zeni. My dogs eat a diet made of raw meat, bones and organ meats with a wide variety. Sometimes I include some greens and berries but rarely. The treats are all homemade with dehydrated meat and/or organs.

5- I use natural and/or environment conscientious products to clean the house as well as the dog's room. Essential oils are an integral part of my daily life.

Why do I insist on following this lifestyle if veterinarians have proven the effectiveness of their techniques?

I just want to have the chance to enjoy the life of my animals as long as possible. That the chemicals do not distrubt their immune system so that it is even stronger when they face certain abnormalities, because yes, despite everything it will happen! I also want to avoid as much as possible any form of cancer and other diseases related to this!

I would never have follow this lifestyle if I had not seen progress in their health as well as mine from the start, but after all this time, the proofs are made! I have been living this way since 2017 and continue to see progress every day. The more I educate myself, the better!

Here is the Zeni way of life! If this approach is appealing to you and are interested in learning more, welcome home! Do not hesitate to ask questions you will see that my dogs are in excellent health and that they are not neglected.

In the future I will make blogs related to all the books I read to guide you and give you my opinion!

Thank you!

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