How did I end up with Zeni Rhodesian Ridgebacks?

Today on a facebook page someone asked members what makes their breed unique and why it is so special to us. It gave me the idea for a blog topic, so here I am with my thoughtful words!

About 6 years ago, I got my first dog. Far from imagining that I was going to establish a breeding program and carry it out 6 to 9 years later! Like all people who decide to have a dog I did some research to find a breed that suited me and I came across the Basenji, an African dog breed. I made the mistake, as many of us do, of choosing a dog for its looks! The first photo I saw of the puppies, I knew exactly which one I wanted since it had the particular features that I wanted, without worrying too much about its temperament and its character, since I was not aware that all these things could make a difference! From there on, came Walter the Basenji, in my life.

You must be asking but what has a Basenji to do in a Rhodesian Ridgebacks kennel?
Well, if I hadn't come across the Basenji in the first place, chances are I would never have know about the Rhodesian Ridgeback. It was a few months after having Walter at home that I came across an image of the African dog breeds. Since the Basenji comes from Africa, I therefore went to research each breed that I saw, on google. But nothing more, I saw interesting breeds without more interest to them.

A few months later, I was in an indoor dog park with Walter and I saw a dog OH BUT HOW MUCH BEAUTIFUL, before my eyes. So I talked to the lady who checked the dogs entry to the dog park and asked her if this was a Rhodesian Ridgeback. Of course it was one, the strength, the beautiful weathen robe, the ridge, the proud and at the same time playful attitude, the athletic style. It could only be a Ridgeback!

It was from this moment that everything was aligned so that I will have one. But above all, this time, I did a lot of research. I was ready to wait for a good dog, a good breeder! I tried to find out if this type of dog was good for apartment living, how long should I allow it to spend energy, what type of training should I give them.

I contacted a breeder in Quebec and asked a million questions. I was lucky, honestly I don't think I would have had her patience, I would probably have stopped responding haha!
After all my questions answered, I knew that this breed was for me! So I met with Ridishia Ridgebacks to see if this breeder was good for me! Fortunately, the breeder also thought that this breed was made for me! We came to a good agreement and that is how Willow came into my life, a little over a year later. But still, far from there I never thought I would one day want to breed, I only thought of having a second dog to share my life!

After doing some dog shows and getting to know more breeders, the seed was slowly making its way into my brain!
- I love to do dog shows with my dog
- Preserving the heritage of this breed is very important to me
- Dogs are an integral part of my life
- I could never see my life without one (or more) Rhodesian Ridgebacks with whom to share it
- The simple fact of imagining being able to fill people's lives with my passion with puppies makes me happy
- I am surrounded by passionate and wonderful people
- I love more than anything seeing the ridgebacks do what they were created to do
- Studying canine structure and health fascinates me
and so on...

I said to myself, why not think of having my own kennel?
Of course it is an idea that can come to mind for many of us, you only have to be ready to do the necessary work since breeding (the real type of breeding) is not a simple thing. There are several rules to follow, several things to do with our dogs and a lot of work to choose the perfect partners for each other before mating. And even sometimes all our plans fall apart and we have to start from scratch for the well being of our beloved dogs. It was not a decision that I had to take lightly.

I read the rules written by the Canadian Kennel Club to know if their requirements suited me, I worked with established breeders to demonstrate my seriousness and immense interest. I participated in several conformation competitions as well as some lure racing competitions ...

I continue stay up to date, do my research to make sure I do that with the primary goal of preserving the heritage of this magnificent breed that is the Rhodesian Ridgeback! I am only at the very beginning, a lot of research and work is still necessary but with this passion that lives inside me, I can only give the best that I have!

This breed is for me the best there is on this earth! What makes Rhodesian Ridgebacks the best for me?
They are of incomparable versatility. From the reckless hunter to the convincing property protector, from the couch potato to the competitive athlete, from the amazing clown to the greatest therapist, this breed has so much to offer to those for whom this breed is suitable! They are of great courage but at the same time of unconditional love with the people they love and cherish. Despite their impressive size, they can make themselves small at home on movie nights. I can't see my house without a ridgeback (or more), life would be so meaningless!

I love the fact that they love to play and love life, they teach us a good life lesson on a regular basis! It goes without saying that their look for me is the height of beauty! A robust structure that is both elegant and athletic. Big ears to properly frame their magnificent long-nosed head and their large eyes filled with love and intelligence. A long tail to show us how happy they are when we come home after a long day at work and they are just stubborn enough to give me a little challenge during training, which forces me to become a better version of myself on a daily basis !!

Here is the story behind Zeni, a Ridgeback passionate!
Long live the Rhodesian Ridgebacks !!!!
And you, what makes you love Ridgeback so much?

On this, good evening! :)
Sabrina! xxx