Natural Rearing: Breeding & Raising dogs the way nature intended.


By Jeannie Thomason, VND

I am very grateful to have come across this book before I even had my founding bitch! This book brings us back to the essence of the dog and to the very basis of the nature of life. It guides us to make the right choices when the natural health of the dog is a guideline in our breeding program.

In this book, I learned a lot about the natural health of our dogs and it gave me confidence for the future.

Here are the highlights in this book:

1- What is natural breeding
     The concept of vaccines
     The way and the rules of nature

2- How to start

3- Hard things to hear

4- Nutrition

5- Natural immunity
     How the immune system develops
     The natural vs the artificial

6- Preparation and care of the breeding bitch

7- The naturally reared male

8- Breeding

9- Pregnancy

10- Labor and Whelping

11- Care for the Dam and puppies

12- The first two weeks of puppies

13- The natural approach for parasites

14- Toxins

15- Find the right family for naturally reared puppies

This book covers quite a lot all the points necessary to have a good basic idea before getting started. Some points will be followed while others stick a little less to Zeni's breeding program.

This book guided me on the right path, the I wanted to follow and it brought me the material necessary to do so! Now, all that remains is to find a veterinarian who will be able to guide us well with these points so that Zeni's Ridgebacks are super healthy!

Thank you Jeannie Thomason for writing this book and opening the doors to Zeni for a healthy natural breeding!

Here's where to get this book: The Natural Rearing Breeder’s Association